Welcome to International Catering...a world of culinary delights for every occasion!

The following are samples of the menus we can prepare for your next luncheon,dinner, party or event. As Atlanta's premiere catering service, we can customize a menu to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

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Breakfast Menu


Whether you are preparing for an office get together in the morning or a power breakfast meeting, we have the finest selections from which to choose.


Start with sliced ham, crispy bacon or breakfast sausage topped with scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese served on butter croissants or bagels Add fresh fruit - $6.25 per person

In wrap bread, you'll find breakfast sausage with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese with fresh pico de gallo sauce! Add fresh fruit - $6.25 per person
An outstanding assortment of coffee cake muffins, iced cinnamon rolls, and
fruit filled Danish pastries. Add fresh fruit - $4.75 per person


A host of breakfast bread and pastries, butter croissants, fruit filled Danish
and bagels. Accompanied with butter, jelly and cream cheese.
Add fresh fruit - $5.00 per person

This magnificent assortment of fresh seasonal fruit may be added to any
order or ordered by itself.
$30 snacks 10 - 12 people. $45 snacks 16 - 21 people. $60 snacks 25 - 30 people.

All trays and packages come with plates, forks and napkins. 24-hour cancellation notice required

Gourmet Sandwiches

Our gourmet sandwiches are served pre-made or "make your own" - perfect when you have a large group to feed quickly and when sandwiches are part of a larger meal.

Conventional Sandwich Tray

White, wheat and rye bread deli style sandwiches accompanied with leafy
lettuce and garden fresh tomatoes. These quarter sandwiches are served
with chips and pickles with mayo and mustard on the side.

Service for up to 8 - from $55. Service for up to 10 - from $85
Service for up to 12 -from $100. Service for up to 15 - from $125. Service for up to 18 -from $145

Deluxe Sandwich Tray

Our fantastic deli style sandwiches are cut in half and served on butter croissants, onion buns and wraps with leafy lettuce, garden fresh tomato slices and cheese. Served with chips and pickles with mayo and mustard on the side

Service for up to 8 - from $72. Service for up to 10 - from $90. Service for up to 12 - from $108. Service from up to 15 - from $135
Service up to 18 - $162

Meat and Cheese Tray

Deli cut slices of premium ham, hard salami, oven roasted turkey and
roast beef with cheddar and Swiss cheeses. Each tray also includes an
assortment of gourmet crackers, deli breads and condiments.

Service for up to 10 - from $ 85. Service for up to 16 - from $130. Service for up to 24 - from$204. Servicefor up to 30 - from $255

All trays and packages come with plates, forks and napkins. 24-hour cancellation notice required.

Customized menus are always available.

Appetizer Suggestions

Brie/Topped with Pesto Walnuts
Fruit Basket/Assorted Seasonal Fruit
Assorted Domestic & International Cheeses with Crackers Medley
Antipasto/Italian Meat and Cheeses with Salad
Grilled Chicken Skewers w/Pineapple Oriental Dip
Shrimp Cocktail w/Cocktail Sauce
Skewered Italian Sausages w/Chunky Tomato & Pepper Dip
Cheese Crudités/Assorted Cube Cheese with Grapes
Tortellini Skewers with Pesto or Parmesan Dip
Fresh Vegetable Medley Served With Dips
Asian Dumplings/Egg Rolls/Duck Sauce
Spinach and Cheddar Cheese Artichoke Dip
Stuffed Italian Style Mushrooms
Marinated Mushrooms
Tea Sandwiches – Assorted Meat and Vegetarian
Chicken Strips and Assorted Dips
Pate – Chicken or Vegetarian
Asparagus or Melon (In Season) Wrapped in Prosciutto/Salmon
Sweet and Sour Meatballs with Pineapple and Sauerkraut
Italian Style Meatballs
Fresh Seafood Salad Topped with Lemon Zest
Salmon Mousse Topped with Caviar
Assorted Canapés
Smoked Salmon Server with Small Breads Topped with Lemon Sauce (Chilled)
Crab Dip/Crackers/Small Breads
Mediterranean Medley/Hummus/Babaganous/Grape Leaves Served with Pita Points
Oriental Chicken Skewers
Baked Brie with Fruit Filling Baked in Phyllo Dough

Tuscan Grilled Vegetables
Carving Station ( choice of meats)

Italian Menu

Our luxurious Italian feast will evoke memories of soft Tuscan afternoons and the delightful aro­mas of central and northern Italy.


Italian meats, imported cheeses, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, grilled peppers, olives, tomato, pepperoccini
Bruschetta - Italian Salsa
Sweet or Hot Italian Sausage Skewers Served With A Chunky Marinara Tortellini Skewers with Parmesan and Pesto Dip
Stuffed Italian Mushrooms
Italian Meatballs with Marinara
Fried Ravioli filled with Cheese and Marinara
Basil Pesto Toast


Italian Wedding Soup - Pasta and Small Meatballs
Minestrone Pasta Fazoli - Peas and Macaroni - Friday's Favorite!


Chicken Parmesan Served with Spaghetti
Chicken Milanaise with white wine and capers
Chicken Lemoni with Broccoli, Mushrooms in lite Cream Sauce
Saltimbucca - Lightly Breaded Chicken Breasts Layered With Ham and
Fresh Sage topped with Provolone cheese
Chicken Piccata - Lightly breaded chicken breast sauteed with lemon and White Wine

Italian Cod - Blend of herbs topped with bread crumbs, lemon and White Wine
Salmon Lasagna Rolls with mushrooms and vegetables
Vermicelli with white clam sauce
Pork stuffed with Prosciutto and sundricd tomatoes and fresh basil
Pork chops with Sage and Plum tomatoes Pork and Pasta in a cream sauce with white mushrooms

Pasta Lemoni prepared with chicken, broccoli and Portebello mushrooms Pasta Carbonarra prepared in cream sauce, bacon and Prosciutto fl&m
Baked Ziti & Ricotta cheese with meat or vegetarian Tri-Colorcd Pasta with chicken and fresh vegetables (chilled)
Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad with Romaine lettuce
Tortellini prepared with grilled vegetables (chicken optional)
Pasta with pork in cream sauce & red wine
Basil and tomato pasta

Vegetable Medley - Grilled peppers, artichoke, zucchini and mushrooms String Beans Italiano with marinara sauce
Sauteed zucchini, squash and onions
Tuscan style grilled vegetables - eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomato, pep­pers
Potatoes in old world Italian dressing and shallots Parmesan potatoes

Roma tomato salad with red onions, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
Assorted greens with pine nuts, gorgonzola cheese, cherry tomatoes
Spinach salad with bacon
Mozzarclla salad with fresh basil


"Italian Wedding Cake" - Cassada cake with rum and cannoli cream
Assorted Italian pastries Authentic Italian cookies
Tuscan pudding (ricotta)
Orange and grapefruit salad with honey

Priced According To Selection

Greek Menu

Beef and veal are usually cooked in casseroles with wine and herbs or spices, as are rabbit, game and hare.

Tzatziki - Cucumber and Yogurt Dip
Hummous kai Tachini - Chickpea and Sesame Dip
Melitzanosalata - Eggplant and Garlic Dip
Loukanika - Greek Sausages Angourosoupa - Chilled Cucumber Soup

Keftedes - Grecian Meatballs
Moussaka - Lamb and Eggplant
Soouvlakia - Marinated Lamb and Vegetable Kabobs
Ami me Kanela - Cinnamon Lamb Casserole Ami me Melitzana kai Elies - Lamb with Eggplant and Black Olive
Pastitsio - Baked Pasta with Spicy Meat Sauce
Hirino me Anithos - Braised Pork with Fennel
Kotopoulo Scharas me Lemoni - Grilled Chicken with Lemon
Kotopoulo Souvlaki me Saltsa Yaourti - Chicken Kabobs with Yogurt
Sauce Kotopoulo me Tiri Provio kai Vasiliko - Chicken with Goat Cheese and
Basil Kotopoulo me Rigani - Roast Chicken with Oregano


Kolokithia me Skordalia - Zucchini Slices with Greek Garlic Sauce
Kolokithopita - Zucchini Pie
Lahano Dolmades - Stuffed Cabbage Leaves
Kolokithia Gemisto - Stuffed Zucchini with Walnuts and Feta
Salata me Psites Piperies - Chared Bell Pepper Salad
Moussakos Lahanikon - Roasted Vegetable Moussaka

Priced According To Selection

Carving Stations


Selection of Cakes and Pies
Theme Cakes
Gourmet Cookies
Cup Cakes (choice of toppings)
Selection of Bread Puddings
Pastries and Tarts (fruit or custard)
Italian Cassada Cake (cannoli cream, rum)
Struddles ,Tiramisu
Ice Cream Station (selection of ice cream ,toppings)
Coffee Service (flavoured syrups,whip cream toppings)
Rice Pudding
Selection of Cheese Cakes
Fresh Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Berries and Cream

Please ask if you have special request